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Writer, designer, photographer

Book Formatting

Do you need your book formatted for print or electronic distribution? I can help! I am skilled and versed in formatting covers and interior layouts for print publication as well as electronic distribution via Amazon's platform.

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Writer, designer, photographer

Story Plotting

Need assistance plotting out your next novel or short story? Are you out of ideas and need a fresh plot to jump into with your "mad writing skills?" I've gotcha covered! Browse my service offerings or send me an email with specifics for your project.

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Writer, designer, photographer

Printable Journal Pages

Need a printable layout for your bullet journal? I've got a host of various layouts and spreads to keep you writing and organized!

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Need a fresh set of eyes to read over your manuscript? Drop me a line!
Print and ebook cover and interior formatting services.
Printable Pages
Bullet journaling pages ready made. Custom orders accepted.
Social Media
Tips, tricks and resources for authors. It's a tricky game, but I've got you!
Sharing my personal collection and accepting orders for custom photography.
Ghostwriting ~ Premade Plots
Provide a few ideas for your novel or story and I'll create a plot/outline to jump start your writing.

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