Third Grade Sight Words Color Trace Connect the Dots -
Is your child struggling to read and spell? Perhaps a different approach is needed to reinforce your child's instruction. What better way to learn words than through coloring? Using the Dolch sigh word lists, each sight word is repeated SIX times on each page. Lined space is also provided for your child to practice writing each word as well. We believe by repeatedly coloring and writing words, your child will retain their spelling further helping them with their reading.

Let’s Color Words!

New York Central Park in November
I haven't tried to write a poem in a long time, but I'm sitting here making a video of my grandmother, we called her Memom, and wondering if I can write something remotely descent to go with a picture I drew with my son yesterday. I asked him if he'd like to draw a picture for Memom and explained she had died and was with God. He asked, "How do you be with God?" I could only think to reply, "being with God is when you feel the warmest, most loved, happiest." He replied, "like in the pool?" I said, "sure, like in the pool." I'm sure my explanation leaves much to the imagination. I know it does to mine.

Memom and the Leaves of Love

Words In Color
Read the intro to Words In Color here. Stevie Nicks, Edge of Seventeen Words In Color – Chapter 4 “Where ya headed off to?” Amity’s mom looked up from her crochet on the couch. “Uh, out..side. Just gonna star watch…a bit.” The words hung on Amity’s tongue making her sound [...]

Words In Color – Chapter 4

Read the intro to Words In Color here. Goo Goo Dolls, Here Is Gone Words In Color – Chapter 3 Amity awoke to a beam of sunlight, like a laser, across her eyes. She raised up on an elbow squinting at the curtains, which she was certain she’d pulled closed [...]

Words In Color – Chapter 3

Words From The Water
I love the beach! I’m lucky to live close enough I can visit often, even everyday, without getting sick of it and once I let go of my obsessive “clean car” idea the sand doesn’t bother me (so much). Funny, but I find the sound of the waves not only [...]

Words From The Water – Photo 3

Read the intro to Words In Color here. Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan – Silence Words In Color – Chapter 2 In the still of my world, when the turmoil called my life seems, at last, unbearable, I wrap myself in the one saving grace I own. One day, they’ll take [...]

Words In Color – Chapter 2

Words In Color
Read the intro to Words In Color here. Jason Mraz – You And I Both Words In Color – Chapter 1 Amity leaned her head back against the wall of the apartment building. It was hot. Even in the shade she was sweating like a pig. She wished for a [...]

Words In Color – Chapter 1

Bee sucking nectar from Macadamia Nut blossom
I took a walk in my grandmother’s backyard and was surprised to hear the buzzing of bees in her Macadamia Nut tree. It was so loud I thought, “There must be a hive up there.” So, I ducked under the branches and hanging blossoms looking high above me, but I [...]

Bees and Me, Photo 2

Listening to: Moby, Natural Blues Someone asked me if I had a writing muse. My first response was, “no.” I was thinking about the movie The Muse with Sharon Stone and remembering how she was actually in the same room with Albert Brooks as he wrote, or tried to, and [...]

Is There A Muse In The House?

Maybe since it’s Valentine’s Day or maybe because I also write romance, but have yet to release any true romance novels, or maybe because I’m a hopeless romantic in the truest sense of the term, whatever the case I thought it would be a good time to wax ecstatic about…you [...]

Operation Romance Rescue