About Me

Writer, designer, photographer www.HeatherRoss.netI’ve been writing “here and there” since I was in grade school. It wasn’t until I entered high school that I began to get serious about writing when an English teacher assigned a poetry/writing journal project, which I think I got high marks for since I scribbled drawings along the edge of the page each poem was written on.

I put creative writing aside to study communications in college and finally finished with a degree in PR (waste of money, but the school was cool). Last year I decided to go the “indie route” and self publish after reading endless discussions on Kindleboards. I only wish I’d started sooner.

Oh! About me? I probably have adult ADHD or maybe I’m just “scatter brained.” Hence, the solitary two titles under my name (and one is under a pen name!). Anyway, two kids and a dog control my life when I’m not at the computer, which is…never mind. I also love photography and will post some of my photos, but my Canon Rebel kinda makes me feel like a cheater, so don’t bother asking, “Did you take that photo?” because really I didn’t, just pointed the camera at something other than my shoe.

I’d be “tickled pink” if you left a comment. Don’t worry, I’m mowing the knee high grass around here (on a monthly basis lately) so I can see you and don’t be alarmed by the dates on my posts. I really do plan to chatter more about whatever, whenever I have the time. If you can’t bear to miss a post you can always enter your email in the box under “Get Updates,” which will alert you every time I so much as sneeze onto this web site. I promise the emails won’t be slimy. Well, I think that’s all. Let’s see, what was I supposed to be doing…