Children’s Book Market

I dug out a children’s book I wrote six years ago for my grandfather. I’m wondering if there’s a market for children’s picture ebooks since most kids don’t have their own Kindle or other e-reading device, at least those between the ages of eight and thirteen, which is my target audience. I’m also wondering about the picture part and how intriguing a black and white illustration will be on e-readers unable to display color.

I’ve read conflicting reports by authors on various forums claiming there isn’t much of a market for children’s books, but then there are those authors claiming to be selling children’s books quite frequently. Not sure what ‘frequently’ means.

I performed a search on length and word counts for children’s books and came across a host of information mainly directed at the traditional publishing world. I wanted to make sure my book wasn’t too long or short or advanced. After talking to other indie publishers and reading numerous posts in the indie book publishing community I learned I just need to write the story I want to read. Sure I need to keep in mind that a five-year old won’t be able to read four syllable words and I need to keep the sentences short and to the point without running off on two paragraphs of backstory, but in the end it’s my own style, pacing, etc. that needs to come through.

I’m intrigued by the illustrated ebook market, so am launching a series of interviews in the coming weeks with authors of various types of illustrated ebooks including children’s, comic, how to and whatever else I can find.

Stay tuned!