Illustrator Commissioned!

It’s official! I have commissioned an illustrator to start work on the illustrations for my children’s book. I’m so excited I have to plug her, Ghia Mercado.

When you have a chance, check out her gallery. I’ll post back with the cover design she’s currently working on.

I found her through posting on There are thousands of artists there, so I encourage all of you who need an artist either for photos or various art including web stuff, to check it out and post in the jobs offered forum.

I asked for a sample from a few of the artists who responded to my post and here are their submissions. Only two and one of them is Ghia’s. Oh well! Artists are busy too! A big thanks to all of the artists who contacted me especially Ghia and Jordan. Please visit their pages for more information and to see other art they’ve created.

Yes, my children’t book is set in the old west, hence the ‘cowboy’ nature of the samples. I’ll reveal more when the book cover is finished.;)

Ghia Mercado SampleCowboy Kid Sample by Jordan Race