Short Story Cover Art Preview

Geez! It’s like a ghost town over here. Sorry guys!

I’ve been editing my young adult novelette while working with a few different artists on the cover art. I think I’m finally ready to publish, but thought I’d post the covers and synopsis to give you an idea about what’s been in my head for the past few months.

As you can see, I’m indecisive about the cover design, mainly the title. Below are only three of the many variations sitting on my hard drive.

Feel free to let me know which design you like better.

I’m planning on releasing the story January 1, but could be sooner.


Synopsis: For Brooke and Paige, life in a small border town is getting boring. The same faces cruising the boulevard and getting drunk in the desert just feel so ‘high school’ until a trip to a Mexican nightclub changes the way they view life, love and freedom.




























One thought on “Short Story Cover Art Preview

  1. #1 hands down! You’ve done a great job–release it and let every one enjoy what has been swirling around in your head…Move on to the sequel—what happened to the baby she hid in her coat? Did her parents make her turn it in? Did she have to leave town? Did she presume to raise it as her own? Could her friend keep the secret? WOW!!

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