Moon Love, Photo 1

I know I haven’t posted any photos of my own doing, so here’s the first. It’s probably¬†clich√©, being the moon and all, but I still have a fascination with it, the moon. There’s something about it that makes me feel calm. Maybe because it’s mostly visible at night when the world has slowed down a bit (hopefully mine too).

I also find it beautiful glowing in the sky it’s dark patchy landscape easily recognizable. Sometimes I feel like the phases of the moon are a talent show the moon puts on to show me just how cool it is, “Hey! Look at me now!” Yeah, I like the sun too, but you can’t look directly at it and view its awesome glory without threat of blindness. Plus, the sun is HOT! The moon never is, but keeps its cool. I like that.

The moon is also quite romantic. We’ve all read and heard lines like, “I looked at the moon tonight and thought of you,” or “We’ll say goodnight looking at the same moon in different places.” Now can you say that about the sun? How romantic would this sound, “I looked at the sun today and thought of you. Oh and almost burned a hole in my cornea’s.” Not very, but it’s kinda funny. Anyway, I am a hopeless romantic so the moon appears in a few of my stories and on the cover of my YA novelette, Highway 90.

This photo was taken with my Canon Rebel. Call me a cheater, but I stood outside for at least thirty minutes adjusting the shutter speed, aperture and flash exposure so as not to highlight the huge tree hanging in front of me. That’s gotta count for something if not persistence or is that stubbornness?